A living person whom I would like to meet:
Well I have seen many of my friends write about hollywood actors.My choice would be Dr.Kamal Hassan.There isnt any other Indian actor who is so dedicated to his profession.He literally worships work and Its not an exaggeration if I say the film “Mahanadi” which portrays a real life incident has made me cry the whole day.The film is all about how a happy-living family is scattered and the worst part of it is that the girl is sold to a brothel and the boy is left to his fate.Kamal played the lead as a hapless villager who lost and discovered his family in the metropolis and any other actor would not have done as good as him.Mahanadi is just an example.Indian,Anbe sivam[satyame sivam],Vichitra sodarulu[Kamal walks on his knees in the whole movie],Subhasankalpam[He played a fisherman who loses all his dear ones to save his master],Sagara sangamam[He played a middle class guy who is extremely passionate about dance-he fails in his love,his mother expires yet he finally wins.] .The very first thing thats appreciable in him is that he is very innovative,he craves for something new every time.The awards and felicitations he won are worth mentioning.-Padmasri,Doctarate,national awards,best debut actor in six regional markets all over India……And not to forget to mention-He is the first actor who turned his fan club into a non-profit organisation.

A non-living person whom I would like to meet:
That would be Kalpana Chawla.Its great to see women reach great heights.Well,I am a perfect feminiser in this context!

An event in history I would like to change:
Well,It would be the hijack of Indian airlines in Dec,1999.The rascals killed Mr.Rupin Katyal who was going on a honeymoon with his wife just for the heck of “FRIGHTENING THE PASSENGERS”[$$$$$$$].One of the newspapers at that time said “All the houses in Kolkatta lit diyas to welcome the new year and bid a bye to old year whereas Rupin’s house lit a diya in his remembrance to pay him homage and bid him bye forever.”I was moved.Nothing can be done to make his family smile on a new year day[Ahem..I coined this term just now].The trauma is indelible in their life..but If given a chance,I would erase this event in world history.

A movie I would like to witness without me being a part of it:
I would go with Deepti.All films which are meant to make India a better place are my choices.

A literary character I would like to meet:
Its Heidi..no doubt.The cute gal of Alps..got her?
Or its Tom sawyer,I just love Tom’s story.The way he flirted with Becky,the way they sealed their love,the way he ran away from his house just to find out how much Aunt Polly loved him,those silly fights in love at such a tender age are really funny!

An incident in the history which I would like to witness:
Its the first naval parade in India.[I love Navy.:)]
choice2:Its the wedding of my parents.Yeah,I know its weird.But all of my aunts said they served 12 kinds of sweets at that time.And all my 32 teeth are sweet.I mean I have a sweeeeeeeeeeet tooth.

And Lastly..Thanks for tagging me Nammu!;)


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  2. and after one year one more comment for this post….
    “Kamal Haasan”….My all time best movie is SaagaraSangamam…if one asks whoz the best actor in India the first name that comes out of my mouth is Kamal…its obvious…no more descriptions needed….u shud hav watched “Swaatimutyam” , “Vasanta Kokila” , “Aakali Raajyam”,”Maro Charitra”…these are also excellent…and his negative role in “erra gulaabi”…his significant role in “Idi katha kaadu” also starring Jayasudha and Chiranjeevi(negative role)…Anbe Sivam also rocks….he does everything at ease…fine this comment-area is not sufficient to describe his talent…
    if i were a scientist,i would hav gifted u a time-machine to travel back and let u watch all those occasions u mentioned above….and last but not the least “Kalpana Chawla”..I considered her to be a divine human being even before her death…And she became divine later for everyone….I was once an aspirant of Space Research and Aerospace Engineering….So she was the ideal human being for me…
    She went to heaven…and my aspirations too went with her….anyways this was another nice post….

  3. k so once more i have taken this uphill task of reading ur post firstly i left the entire kamal hasan thing coz idont like him but other choices like kalpana chawla (pretty good) and heidi( i used to watch this cartoon regularly very cute kid really) over all a very nice post
    btw Dont think of tagging me
    coz i dont blog[:D]

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