Well,I always doubt the following:
1.Can there be anything sweeter than the word “amma”?
2.Can there be anyone in this world who loves you more than your amma?
3.Can there be anyplace more safe and secure than her lap?
4.Can there be anything more tastier than her handmades?

I am sure all the ones reading this post would say a big “NO” to the questions above.
Now,here goes something about my first treasure:
She is the sweetest of all the people in my world.She knows me so well..inside out.Right from my childhood,I have always tried to surprise her..I would just go to her and say” wont believe what happened today is!”She would say it aloud just as if she has read my mind..!!!!

Be it my grades or my griefs or my crushes too..I have told her everything..I swear everything…She always says “Its better if i know it from you anu,than from a third person”.A very mature and a BIG brain..No doubt I should say,I have never seen her decisions go wrong!
An awesome cook!
If you want anything yummy and tasty from North kitchen,just drop by my house.The exotic taste of pav bhaji or palak paneer is a must-have.
She is an envy of quite a few friends of hers.

An impeccable teacher!
She is a teacher in college as well as at home.Not only the matter in books,she has been teaching me how to live in the world as well.Encourages positive thinking a lot,thats why I am what i am today!Else i would have ended up my life in my foolishness.I have made her cry too for the same reason.Now thats the most cruel thing I have ever done in my life.

“A small nap in her lap” is the best thing I always enjoy.

Now this post seems endless as I can keep on writing on her because I love her to the top of this world.

Heres something to confess..
I hate my brother Venkat since he enjoys a share of her love too.
Nevertheless,this is what I want to do whenever I see her or even think of her…

Hug her close and say

“amma,I owe you for whatever I am today..
you are simply amazing..
-nup–a is utterly meaningless without u ‘amma'”
[Now that was a bad one..lite teeskondi]


10 thoughts on “Amma..

  1. Sob Sob…. cant beleive I am all teared up because this was such a genuine post.I am hardcore momaholic and I know all that she has done for me so maybe some day I will repay her back.You have started that aldready by dedicating a post to her.

    @Prashasti – Lots of ppl from our class have written about their families and mothers.So in case you are looking for any check out my blog too.(Yaar plz comment bhi kar dena).

    Guess another reason why people dont blog so much about mum’s is because there is so much to write and so little space.But kudos for a start.Keep blogging!

  2. yaar,
    this is was smthing i was searching on blogs from long time.
    Everybody write about crushes,frens,world,movies,incidents…..
    But Nobody (as many blogs i hav read) ever wrote about where thr life began from……mother……………….
    Well thr could be another blog from me just thanking u for writing this blog………..coz it just reminded me of the things which wake me up for nites just disappear when i am in my mom’s lap………….
    Well love u for this blog raaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Maama kummesavu kada!! Awesome blog! Very heart touching!
    Every single word of the blog is soooo true. When I was reading it I could picture all those things you doing with ur mom and ofcourse me with my mom :)) Too much mama nuvvu!
    I am proud of you I say!!!
    I must daresay that you ARE giving people a very wrong impression about you!! Those who read this blog will, no doubtedly, think that you are a very goody-goody girl who is very innocent and doesn’t know ANYTHING bad!!

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