Well,these are some of dialogues my friends keep saying the most.The main intention of me writing this post is to call up all those memories whenever I read this post.
Chik chiklet..shok shoklet..
Hey yidiot..


The list is endless..But the one which strikes my mind in
the first place is “eyeye..BP..BP..
Naaku lenivi rende rendu.”
tataku daggulu nerpaku


Please leave your footwear before you enter
NBH rotis..eatable hard disks“That’s best of all the PJs I heard till date.


She is very (in)famous for the telugu she speaks.”Kancham lo koncham biyyam eyyandi[Put some rice in the plate]
Atanu amenu preminchatlede..[That guy does not love her.]
This may not seem that funny,but the emotions she showed when she said these words are unexpressible[If such a word exists].
Miru vahchingane nannu pilavande..[Call me once you people are back..]


“you rack mama..”
“Ultimate kada”

Well,I guess i need to include her in Laughs unforgettable..since the only way in which I know that Deepti is back to her room is that I hear a big sound that nearly makes me jump out of my skin-Naah…Its
not the music sound…You might have guessed it already..

Ramya:-“padinde padara pachi palla dasuda“..
If somebody had seen me laughing at this,they would have mistaken me for a lunatic..I was literally rolling on the floor with hands on my stomach when I heard this for the first time..
Yenki pelli subbi chaavu ki vachchindani”
Pani leni mangaladu pilli tala gorigadu anta
Koti..koti ..enduku puttav ante..chakkaga unnollani ekkirinchataniki”


Shalini:-She speaks less..shows more..:P
No offense..What I meant is that her “do”-es are more funny han her speech.
Rendu pens vunaya?”
Hey common..write it” are her favourite lines.

Sorry rebba..
hey come on


Hmm…opika lede”

Prashasti always retorts “had hai bhai..” when I tease her by the name of Harry Potter..And Shika bids a sweet ‘hi‘ everytime we meet.
Well thats it…


7 thoughts on “Gags..Unforgettable!!

  1. Lovely post Anu 🙂
    Especially Deepti’s laugh is the best one!! These ARE some of THE BEST memories we get to cherish forever!!
    Keep writng such sweet and cute blogs!

  2. Seesh what a post.Well, I guess Deepti’s encrypted language says it all.Whoever reads this post would for sure think what an idiot I am (courtesy that flawless telugu).Coming to a serious note I loved the post.These memories are something I will cherish forever.Keep blogging!

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