First child syndrome….[in my life]

Well,many people do feel that being a first child in the family is a tough job.There are hell lot of responsibilities that one holds being the eldest child-the younger ones often follow suit of the big ones in everything right from the costumes to speech.This was the case in all my friends’ homes too..they had to give up the pleasures like riding bicycles,eating junk food in canteen and stuff of such kind.But thanks to my mom and dad,I never missed any “such” fun right from my childhood.Yes,My brother did cry for not letting him eat guavas sold roadside but I did not stop munching them.One of my passions is photography and My hands were always busy with the camera we had once upon a time.My camera would not miss anything-even sights like mom tasting the food before she served us,dad shaving his beard and brother stealing God’s prasad.He used to cry to handle the camera himself…but I was too fresh then.I used to lure him,running around him with camera in my hands,my mom scolding me for making him cry and my dad explaining him why he wasnt given the camera.I would feel very proud to say that the best days in my life are those days and I bet they couldnt have been better.When I sit back and have a glance at those photos,a mischiveous smile appears on my face..
Great times indeed!!!

One more thing which troubled me the most is that my brother looked [and is] cuter than me.Never did my parents mention this to me or anyone,but I could feel it myself.I still remember how I pushed him down when we were standing on a staircase and poor fellow tumbled down stairs and fell on his belly.I got a proper thrashing from my parents and in fact from everyone who knew about this.I hated him more for this!!!

Since after my brother started coming to school,things turned to be different.I was more popular as “Sister of Venkat Ramesh” than as anupama.Yes,thats true.He always made it to the top.This induced a feeling of pride in me and from that day ,my hatred blossomed to love.I stopped annoying him and guess what?my father was the most happiest to see all this.Good girls do have extra privileges…[don’t they?]My father bought me a new bicycle and my brother a new tricycle.

But I didnt have an upper hand always.My brother was an active baby too.He was jealous of me too..since I won the fight always and my parents supported me because I was older to him and I knew more than him[I didnt in fact.]He used to cry to his health and if my dad didnt yield,I was the victim of his wrath.Even if I complained,the answer I would get was to take it light since he was small.And dont forget to mention-the gifts and chocolates he used to get seemed to be sour grapes for me..

And yes,in general sense,Every youngest child in a family has an extra privilege-He always has an opportunity to take the right path in academics and stuff of such kind..

[to be continued]


4 thoughts on “First child syndrome….[in my life]

  1. Ditto with Deeps.Blog more often because its a great way to share your life.I liked the post just the way I liked it when you narrated the incindent.I had this syndrome too but we outgrow it like you mentioned.The post was straight from heart and therefore its so sweet.
    PS:Comment on my blog more often!
    PS:First Kids rock!!!

  2. xtremely natural post i must say very well written and i must congratulate u over the fact that u can still recollect ur childhood incidents so clearly but one thing is always true that the younger child really troubles their elder siblings in these matters so a nice topic…

  3. A very very VERY cute post Anu.
    Written so frankly that u pushed ur bro down the staircase. Anyone who reads this post will think that you are very innocent and very pure and child at heart.
    So please dont mislead people by writing such posts…ok??[;)]

  4. Temme one thing anu… WHY THE HECK DID YA STOP BLOGGING.I swear by Lord u have touched my heart and I think this is the only post(ofcourse apart from mine 😉 )which has touched me so much.Lucky to have such a gr8 family who loves you soo much..What else wud we want in life??I was grinning ear to ear all thru my journey thru ur post and it reflects the true ANU …I would looooooove to read more n more wrtings coming out of ur choclate mind…Waitin for ur posts 🙂

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