Birthday blast!

Everyone on this earth,sound and healthy,waits for a day which is special and comes only once for every 365*86400 seconds..Can you guess which day is it?
Bingo!Its Birthday…I am no different.In fact I often wish a calendar existed with only nov16th as its day and clock just stops when it strikes 12 on nov15.I always wonder why does time go too slow a week before my birthday and flees when the day finally arrives.Whatever..I simply love the month November–reasons..My birthday,Parents anniversary,Winter[Its my favoruite season….dont know why?] and all yummy fruits except Mango can be relished this time.
A not-to-forget[yes..this word has been coined by me just now] birthday of mine in inter first year left a deep imprint in my life.When I sit back and take a look into those reminiscences:
Our college was a only-girls[ahem..a new term again] college which was higly boring[no offence..I meant the topics were dry and they were taught in a still boring manner]..there wasnt a healthy competetion at all,marks were given as if they were some food packets brought for relieving flood victims.This comparision is apt because I still remember me and my friends fighting for a mark..a single mark for a multiple choice question which had no answer among the 4 given in the paper.Never did I feel tensed about the highlycompetetive world outside for I was contended with my life and wished everything would go easy just like it was..a frog in the well I was!!!But in the early weeks of november,One of my senior lecturers caught me chatting in the class and scolded me so badly that I was in tears for the whole day.I swore never to talk in the class[Ah..a small correction only in his class] again and I stood by my word.As luck would have it,the girl who always sat behind me was a bigger crack than me and the same sir mistook me for her and censured me once again this time with more contempt and anger.I was innocent and protested in the beginning but he was too fresh for me.To my horror,He complained about me to the higher officials too who gave me a warning to behave properly in class which couldnt be worse since Anupama,who was known to be a good, if not a bright,student was now termed to be a mischeivious,a prankster and disobedient of all the girls in first year.My fame reached the longterm students as well and everyone was for me asking “who is Anupama?Who is the girl Mr.Pillai is angry with?”.Amidst all such mind-blowing experiences,my birthday finally arrived.I wasnt verymuch excited as I would be everytime.I simply wished all those incidents were a dream or they could have occured in somebody else’s life[cruel me!].In Mr.Pillai’s teaching hours,he put forward a question and challenged us that if we had listened to his classes all the year,we should answer his question.I seriously thank my stars for that day,It was I who stood hesitatingly at first and answered it with ultimate boldness and confidence.May be he was surprised that me like “Senseless Idiots[this is what he called me]” answered that question,he quickly took out another one from O.P.TANDON’S book on STOICHIOMETRY and asked me to work it out on the board which I did.
“Splendid!I never thought you listened to my classes!Never did I think that intelligence and mischief and go together.I am sorry for what I have said.Good and all the best!” were his words on seeing my answer.I didnt expect this and believe it or not,my eyes went misty when a 80 year old Phd holder stood before me and was sorry for scolding me.I broke down and told him that I wasnt guilty the second time and to my surprise 7 of my friends were for me who supported me saying “Anu isnt a prankster..Never did any other teacher scold her in such matter].He apologised once again and left our class abruptly.We didnt understand what was happening for a moment but I became hero[ahem..heroine] of my campus.Seniors told me that Mr.Pillai praised me in their classes as well and “a mischevious girl” was now changed to an “intelligent naughty girl”.To be frank the question I answered was too simple.It has got nothing to do with intelligence or textbooks.It was a mere use of common sense.luckily it struck me at the right moment which made me the talk of the campus.What else could have made my birthday more merrier??
I distributed cakes and chocolates,ate till my stomach couldnt take it anymore,made merry with my brother and parents and went to a nearby temple to thank Him for that wonderful day.Chemistry wasnt my cup of tea till that day,but ever since november16,2003 it has become my favourite subject.A big thanks to Him and Pillai sir for making my day so special.


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